“I had been suffering for several years with severe fatigue, low blood sugar and insomnia.

My Doctor recommended that I see nutritional therapist Elaine Taylor.

I have been seeing Elaine for a year and cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has been there for me when I have felt at my lowest with suggestions as to how to improve my health.

I am now enjoying better health than for the past 10 years, my  fatigue has gone and although I will always have blood sugar problems which run in my family, I now have the knowledge needed to keep it under control with the right diet. As a result of solving these health problems, my insomnia has vastly improved.

I have always found Elaine so easy to talk to and discuss my problems with.  I cannot imagine how I would have managed without her.”

Jackie 68, Newbury

“Working with Elaine has been fantastic, she has been extremely kind and understanding whilst finding the best eating plan for me. Not only do I now have a much better understanding of my diet and how it impacts my wellbeing, but I also feel a hundred times better.

With lots of delicious options available to suit my lifestyle, the changes she has suggested are achievable and having stuck to the plan, I am seeing results due to her advice and support – I cannot thank her enough.”
Charlotte 34, Advertising Manager, London

“After dieting on an off for a long period of time, I found that my weight would fluctuate wildly and I suffered from tiredness, low mood and lack of concentration. By going to see Elaine I understood why my body was reacting in this way, and what I could do to manage these side effects to get back into a normal eating pattern.

Some changes were easier to make than others, but by slowly introducing manageable changes I was able to regulate my appetite and stabilise my weight. Now with a bit of forward planning I can eat and drink what I like, and I know the kinds of food to eat and in what quantities.

Elaine takes a holistic approach to well being, and not only asks about diet, but also exercise and lifestyle preferences. If you are serious about sorting out your diet for long term optimum health, then I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Elaine.”
Adelaide 29, Media Events Co-ordinator, London

“Meeting with Elaine was the first time I’d spoken to anyone in the field of nutrition. I had lost weight on commercial diet programmes, but had also regained weight. I was also suffering from inflammation of the gall bladder on a regular basis and the GP advised on having surgery, which I did not want. Elaine designed a sustainable programme of healthy nutrition: a way you can live your life without depriving yourself just by using simple common sense, such as portion control, selecting what foods to eat, and what to avoid.

It may not be a quick fix but it does work over time along with staying active. I am losing weight steadily, experiencing less pain with my gall bladder and am also now 6 months pregnant. Following Elaine’s advice will give you a greater chance to reach your goals and a much healthier way of life. Thank you for all your help!”
Sarah 26, Receptionist, Wiltshire